Who We Are

Lisa Whitridge

I love to cook fresh food, especially for others!Food is wonderous: The flavors, the colors, the way it brings people together for pleasure.  I am an avid food "grower" which in turn, makes me a better Chef.  My joy comes from being creative with ingredients for the meal and getting it all put together and on the table for people. That is where it is at for me!

Along with my love for cooking and gardening, I have decided to open this wonderful little food trailer while still directing the Non-Profit I founded 9 years ago,  Investments for Developing Communities (IDC).  Blending both the non-profit and for profit worlds has been a long term desire of mine and I can pursue all the things that I value:

Philanthropy, equality, access to healthy food, creativity, education and the environment.  

It is my hope that a percentage of the profits from Bol & Crust will go to benefit IDC which will ultimately enrich out programs that assist others.  It is our intention, to raise money for several community non - profits through holding outreach events at our Food Trailer.

Investment for Developing Communities works under the Population Health Environment model, providing 4 programs to both local and international communities.  Locally, we provide garden education to underserved school children, along with a curriculum that helps them understand their sense of place with respect to, and for the environment.  Also on a local level, we host public events related to people and the environment that address both international and local issues of population growth and environmental impacts.  Internationally, we provide education scholarships to girls and micro loans to women in Uganda as well as family planning programs.

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